Saturday, January 8, 2011

Sarasota CLUCK blog sets new record (7,500 pageviews), continues to draw readers

Some want to know if  interest in the local backyard chicken movement in Sarasota has been overstated. Not if internet traffic is any measure. The facts are that our blog demonstrates increasing interest (as well as CLUCK's ongoing outreach efforts). During the morning of January 8th the Sarasota CLUCK blog recorded its 7,500th pageview. This represents more than a thousand pageviews since end of last year. Even during the busy holiday season, CLUCK pageviews continued to surge -- from November 28 to December 28 alone we recorded 3,000 pageviews. And between December 10th and December 28th we logged over 100 pageviews a day and recently it has been closer to 125 pageviews a day. This heavy traffic is reflected in the fact that if one googles Sarasota Speaks, one of the top blogs listed is CLUCK -- our feed to Sarasota Speaks currently contains 59 items.

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