Sunday, February 2, 2014

Despite no Roosters, CLUCK crows a little

Sometime between the first and second of February, 2104, our Sarasota CLUCK blog recorded its one hundred thousandth pageview, an average of about 59 pageviews a day since the first posting back on June 11th 2009. And with over 250 different blog postings, there is quite a selection of information. 

This milestone is a reflection of the role CLUCK has played, not just in Sarasota, but actually worldwide. Over 2,000 pageviews for both the United Kingdom and over 1,000 pageviews each for Germany, Australia, Canada, France and the Ukraine. 

Our listing of funky facts has been viewed 5,588 times and our advice about coop design in Southwest Florida has been viewed nearly 2,900 times. Perhaps more importantly, our annotated version of the City of Sarasota's chicken ordinance has been viewed over 2,800 times.