Saturday, February 5, 2011

What has CLUCK been up to since that unanimous vote on January 18th??

Has Sarasota CLUCK been kicking back and relaxing since the initial unanimous vote in favor of backyard chickens on January 18th? No way! Here are a dozen noteworthy accomplishments that have been logged since then:

Friday, February 4, 2011

CLUCK asks: Can toasted chicken feathers slash $5 million off the cost of a hydrogen-powered car?

Hydrogen-powered cars are nearly as dreamy as the personal helicopters we were promised -- and far more sustainable. Imagine burning a fuel and having the only "exhaust" being water! The big problem at the moment is improving the technology for storing the hydrogen, and that's where chickens enter the picture.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

CLUCK Releases Case Statement

CLUCK has posted the full content of the case statement it submitted to the City of Sarasota in late December of 2010. This fourteen page document, prepared by committee during the holidays, contains the arguments CLUCK wanted included in the packet that would go to the City Commissioners prior to the vote on January 18th. 

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Public Radio Food Show Profiles Backyard Chickens

The Splendid Table, the syndicated public [radio] show for people who love to eat featured (Jan. 29th) an 8:45 minute segment on backyard chickens. The host Lynne Rossetto Kaspar interviews author Jenna Woginrich.  Among some of the comments: "I learned pretty quick that they all have their own personalities and quirks and eating habits and they get moody, they get sick, they get healthy..."  AND "You want a bird that's calm and quiet and doesn't make a fuss, and I think a breed like a Buff Orphington or Brahma is a great first laying hen. They're good in most seasons and lay right through the winter and unlike other birds that can be a little more scrappy they are very calm, they don't make a big fuss, and your neighbors will never know you even have chickens if you stick to those heavy laying breeds." AND "If you can wait in line to buy a cup of coffee, you have enough time on your hands to raise chickens in your backyard."