Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Next Meeting

It was proposed that our next meeting be held closer to downtown Sarasota, since we are focusing on the city of Sarasota and its residents. Whole Foods was a suggestion. However, we hope to have more attendees at future meetings so should we stay at the extension office for that reason?

As far as the next date, July 29th was suggested, which is 3 weeks away. Does that give us enough time? Would that conflict with any other meetings? We would like to avoid the first Tuesday of the month as that is the meeting of Holistic Moms and we definitely have some supporters among that group.

Please voice your opinions for the location and date/time for our next meeting!

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Steps we need to take

Also discussed at tonight's meeting were the steps we need to take and some individuals who might help with those tasks:

1. talk to CCNA/CONA to determine their concerns or objections
2. set up tour of property in Venice where chicken keeping is allowed
3. video of some local examples of backyard, urban chickens (ALEX)
4. talk to Chuck Henry - director of Environmental Health for Sarasota County Health Dept.
5. since city of Sarasota will grant temporary permits for chicken keeping under certain circumstances, we discussed setting up a city resident with some backyard chickens as a model for what we want to achieve (DAVID)
6. we also discussed the possibility of getting FL House involved
7. talk to county commissioners and planners to see what their concerns or suggestions might be
8. research county zoning - what percent of single family residential dwellings in Sarasota either a)are already zoned to allow chickens b)would not allow chickens based on deed restrictions or c)have no deed restrictions but aren't currently zoned for chickens (REBEKAH)
9. look at some what to survey where chickens are currently being raised (legally and otherwise)
10. develop a fact sheet (this was mentioned toward the end of the meeting and I didn't quite catch it all) (DAVID)
11. once we have ironed out some details of what we might propose in our ordinance, we should develop an online survey and distribute through the blog and facebook group so we can get a consensus as to which restrictions are best to include in the ordinance

I'm sure there are some things I missed as there was plenty of discussion, but we have plenty of work to do for now!!

Summary of latest CLUCK meeting 7/7/09

We discussed lots of important topics at tonight's meeting.

The facebook group was reviewed. You can join by going to

We reviewed the components of various ordinances outlined in the article "Residential Urban Chicken Keeping: An Examination of 25 Cities" and discussed these in relation to our proposed ordinance as follows:

1. Number of birds - 3 birds, more or less restrictive than that, more birds based on permitting, start more restrictive and allow more birds after trial period is successful

2. No roosters but what to do about roosters people receive by 'accident' when they order chicks

3. Permits/fees - a small fee for individuals to feel more invested in their chickens; permits only with larger numbers of birds; exemptions for those who are grandfathered in or currently live in areas of the county zoned for chicken keeping; taking a class will reduce permitting fees

4. Enclosure requirements - minimum square footage per bird; wire gauge requirements; apprenticeship or classes for chicken coop design; free range only with 6 foot fence or fenced chicken run/chicken tractor in backyard - subject to leash laws

5. Distance restrictions - setbacks of 15-20 feet from nearest residence; perhaps closer with signed permission from neighbors

6. Trial or focus group of 100-250 (opinions varied) to show how it would work before city or county wide ordinance would be passed (limited number of permits issued for chicken keeping)

Monday, July 6, 2009

Second Sarasota Urban Chicken Meeting

The second meeting of Sarasota CLUCK will take place Tuesday night, July 7th at 6:30 p.m. We'll meet in the same location, the auditorium at the Extension office, 6700 Clark Road, just east of the Interstate. CLUCK stands for Citizen's Lobbying for Urban Chicken Keeping. If you support people being able to have a few hens in their backyard, please join us. In addition to brief progress reports, we expect a summary of the three paths to a new City ordinance.