Saturday, June 4, 2011

Third Chickens 101 Workshop A Success!

Cars lined the driveway at the Lauterbach Farm as the curious and committed filled a barn for a four hour workshop that covered diverse topics related to backyard chickens. Local ordinances, getting started, breeds, biosecurity and many other topics were all covered. In addition to material presented by Extension Agent Rob Kluson, local experts Janice and George Lauterbach, Glenna Roberts, and Ira Klineschmidt supplemented Powerpoint info with personal experience and a wide variety of chickens.

CLUCK NEWS: Hair Fad Raises (and Removes) Hackles

More than a century ago women's fashion threatened the existence of numerous native bird species because of fashion. Now, according to the Associated Press, a new fashion may be threatening both fly fishermen and "roosters that are genetically bred and raised for their plumage". According to a Jessie L. Bonner story that appeared in the Sarasota Herald-Tribune, rooster hackles are now being used in hair extensions and the demand for rooster feathers is disrupting the market for fishing flies. Sadly, this and other stories report that the roosters are euthanized after the feathers are removed.