Thursday, January 6, 2011

CLUCK: Another Introduction to Chickens Workshop Scheduled

One of the recurring criticisms of our initiative to re-legalize backyard chickens in Sarasota is that neophytes have no idea what they are signing up for. CLUCK has responded by supporting both public and private workshops to help prospective chicken keepers decide if they are a good match for backyard hens. There are a lot of great new books out there about raising backyard chickens, but there is no substitute for learning from someone who is successfully raising chickens.

In addition, CLUCK is pleased to announce a second workshop taught by Alex Coe who provided lots of wisdom when we first started defining what we should ask for. Now you can learn from Alex.

"So, you think you want to raise chickens" on Friday January 21st from 10 - 1. At Swamp Castle Farm 1563 Arcadia Avenue, Sarasota 34232.

You'll learn how to set up new baby chicks and see various stages of chicken development. This is an introductory class to the responsibilities and understanding of chicken husbandry.

$10 donation to farm - for reservations call SWAMP CASTLE FARM 941 378-0314/941 780-3447 cell

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