Sunday, January 9, 2011

University of Florida IFAS Sarasota County Extension Office holds its first "Chickens 101" class

According the the Sarasota Herald-Tribune, about 20 interested citizens participated in the University of Florida IFAS Sarasota County Extension Office's first "Chickens 101" class on Saturday January 8th. This class, and others offered privately, are a response to the growing national interest in small scale chicken raising and was spurred by CLUCK's local initiative to allow backyard hens in the City of Sarasota. Agriculture/Natural Resources Extension agent Robert Kluson PhD taught the workshop. The University of Florida IFAS Sarasota County Extension Office is not an advocacy group but cooperative partnership dedicated to educating the public. 

"Cooperative Extension is a partnership between the University of Florida's Institute of Food and Agricultural Sciences (UF/IFAS)(through the University of Florida Extension), the U.S. Department of Agriculture, and Sarasota County Government to provide scientific knowledge and expertise on subjects related to agricultural, human, and natural resources to sustain and enhance the quality of life for the residents of Sarasota County."

The top quote from the article: "Chickens are pets with benefits," he (George Lauterbach) said. "What other animal can make you breakfast every morning?"

Readers are cautioned not to misinterpret the statement that "chickens are only allowed in Sarasota County and not in the City." Chickens are allowed in some County zoning districts, but the majority of districts prohibit pet hens. 

To read the Sarasota Herald-Tribune Article by Nikki Stephens, click here.

To see Sarasota Herald-Tribune photographer's Thomas Bender's photos from the workshop, click here.

In addition to IFAS sponsored introductory chicken workshops, private entrepreneurs with chicken expertise are hosting their own workshops. The next is a workshop (the second) taught by Alex Coe who provided lots of wisdom when we first started defining what we should ask for. That workshop: 
 "So, you think you want to raise chickens" will be held on Friday January 21st from 10 - 1. 
You'll learn how to set up new baby chicks and see various stages of chicken development. This is an introductory class to the responsibilities and understanding of chicken husbandry. For more information, call Alex --941 378-0314/941 780-3447 cell

Workshop content is determined by the providers, not Sarasota CLUCK. CLUCK provides information regarding introductory workshops and local manufacturers of chicken tractors as a public service and receives no financial compensation from the individuals or entities mentioned.

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