Thursday, January 13, 2011

City Posts Agenda that Includes Recommended Code Changes to Re-Legalize Backyard Hens

This 101st Sarasota CLUCK blog posting reflects a long awaiting moment -- the listing of the agenda item related to changing the City Code relating to keeping chickens. The meeting will convene at 6:00 p.m. on Tuesday the 18th at City Hall, but, as you can see, there are a number of items ahead of the chicken changes.



Recognition Re: 2010 National Night Out Against Crime Award - Presenter(s): Mayor Kirschner (Citizens’ comments are not permitted)

Presentation Re: President John F. Kennedy Legacy Award Certificate of Achievement to Gabriel Colucci, Member of the City’s Youth Advisory Board - Presenter(s): Mayor Kirschner (Citizens’ comments are not permitted)

Adoption Re: Memorial Resolution No. 11R-2209, recognizing the passing of Dr. Samuel Carroll Buchanan, active contributor to and supporter of the arts and community activities - Presenter(s): Vice Mayor Atkins


Presentation Re: Priorities for the 2011 Legislative Session - Presenter(s): Representative Ray Pilon, Florida House of Representatives, District 69 (Citizens’ comments are not permitted)

Note to the Public:
At this time, citizens may address the Commission on topics concerning the City. (3 minutes per person time limit)
Citizens' Input is to allow citizens the opportunity to present their view on matters concerning City topics but not on items scheduled elsewhere on the Agenda.  Questions and answers will not be permitted.

Note to the Public:
At this time citizens will take an oath if they desire to speak at the following public hearings.
Applicants - 15-minute time limit; Responses - in favor of or in opposition to - 5-minute time limit; Rebuttal by Applicant and/or Affected Persons - 5-minute time limit, subject to the City Commission's discretion

Legislative Public Hearings:

Public Hearing Re: Proposed Ordinance No. 10-4927, amending the Zoning Code (2002 Edition) of the City of Sarasota by making several errata amendments which: add the newly created RTD-9 Zone District to the additional development standards applicable to other single family districts; correct cross references within the Historic Preservation Board powers and duties and Historic Preservation process; eliminate obsolete references to design guidelines; add missing text in Landscape Standards for Motor Vehicle Sales Agencies; add the option of aluminum fencing materials in the first layer in the DTN Zone District; and provide for internal consistency between existing sign regulations in the CT, CBN and Downtown Zone Districts; and further by: allowing awnings by the encoachment permanent process in the public right of way in the CT Zone District; prohibiting certain types of awning materials in the CT Zone District; allowing additional signage for businesses on the second floor in the CT Zone District; adding DTNE to the list of Zone Districts that require Public Art; providing for the City of Sarasota to follow the same procedures as Sarasota County in providing Public Art; clarifying that canopies are a type of awning or gallery or balcony and clarifying how they are to be regulated in the Downtown Zones; revising and updating illumination standards for parking lots and garages; clarifying that commercial wireless telecommunications towers and antennae may be placed within public rights of way subject to Zone District Regulations; and requiring Florida friendly landscaping for certain types of projects; providing for severability of the parts hereof, etc. (Title Only)(Application No. 11-ZTA-01, Applicant City of Sarasota) - Presenter(s): Neighborhoods, Redevelopment and Special Projects General Manager Taylor

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Public Hearing Re: Proposed Ordinance No. 11-4955, amending the Sarasota City Code, Chapter 8, Animals, to allow chickens to be kept in the City subject to restrictions more fully set forth herein; providing for regulations associated therewith; providing that private restrictions may be more stringent than applicable city regulations; repealing ordinances in conflict herewith; providing for severability of parts hereof if declared invalid or unenforceable, etc. (Title Only) - Presenter(s): Neighborhoods, Redevelopment and Special Projects General Manager Taylor

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