Friday, January 18, 2013

Five more locales approve backyard hens

What do Rockford MI, Canon City CO, South Bend IN, San Marino CA, and Upper Dublin PA all have in common? 

They are all places that approved the keeping of backyard hens in January of 2013.

The three commissioners that voted against chickens in Rockford in 2010 are all no longer commissioners. The latest vote was 3-2 in favor. Read about it here.

Folks in Canon City can now have up to six chickens. Only one commissioner voted against. Read about it here.

The South Bend City Council voted 6-3 to allow chickens (no roosters). Read about it here.

The San Marino voted 4-1 to allow resident to have three hens. Read about it here.

The Upper Dublin Board of Commissioners voted unanimously to allow chickens, but there is a half acre minimum lot size.  Read about it here.

And, closer to home, the Hernando County Planning and Zoning Commission voted unanimously to recommend allowing chickens in residential areas. Read about it here. 

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