Wednesday, January 16, 2013

CLUCK's "Fried Egg" Tee-Shirt Now Available

Responding to pent-up demand, and just in time for the two-year anniversary of the City's revised chicken ordinance, Sarasota CLUCK announces the "Fried Egg" Sarasota CLUCK Tee-Shirt from Zazzle. 
This is the back of the shirt.

This stylish statement features a modest SARASOTA CLUCK logotype on the front (where a pocket would be), an understated nod to Sarasota's leading chicken advocacy group.

But just wait until you see the back -- a photo-realistic fried egg with that deep-orange, stand-up yolk backyard chickens owners know so well. This mouth-watering egg appears just as it would in a cast iron skillet and everyone that sees it will be subconsciously looking for bacon.

And because the tee-shirt is black, it a must-have item for hipsters, bikers, and all chicken tenders.

But wait, there's more. 

Around the sunny-side-up egg is the engaging and provocative legend: ASK ME ABOUT BACKYARD CHICKENS IN SARASOTA, making this the perfect icebreaker shirt for public events where you'd like to spread the word. Lots of people want to know more about backyard chickens -- now they'll know its you they need to speak to. Imagine the thrill you'll feel when total strangers approach you and ask how they can learn more about CLUCK's effort to modernize chicken ordinances.

Works great everywhere - Commission meetings, City of Sarasota, the County, North Port, anywhere. 

This is a collector's item your grandchildren will scratch their heads over - wondering why a few backyard hens were such a big deal.

So don't delay -- order your fried egg shirt to tell the world about Sarasota CLUCK! 

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