Sunday, April 15, 2012

CLUCK Advertising ?!#@*

Sarasota CLUCK Blog is rapidly approaching its 50,000th page view. We haven't had a month with less than 1,000 page views in more than a year and last month was over 2,500.

It is clear that readership has extended far beyond Sarasota (over 10,000 pageviews from outside the US!) and many of our pages (the constant offerings at the top, not the everchanging posts) are getting lots of views. Consider some of these pageview numbers:
• Annotated City Ordinance: 1,737 pageviews
• Quiz to see if people are ready for backyard chickens: 720 pageviews
• Coop design tips for Southwest Florida: 652 pageviews
• One Dozen Tips to Legalize Chickens in Your Community: 324 pageviews
      (this was first posted 41 days ago, so we are getting 8 pageviews a day)
• Our 25 Funky Chicken Facts, which appears as both a post and a page has received 2,789 pageviews!

So, just like we have tourist taxes to help pay for improvements in Florida, we could have all sorts of people everywhere clicking on pages raising some modest amounts of money for Sarasota CLUCK.

What could it be used for?
• Printing and other campaign costs
• Backyard Poultry Magazine or similar subscriptions for local libraries
• Chicken-related contributions to ASPCA

We don't know at this time how little the income would be, but it can't be much, maybe around $5.oo a month for a low month. But hey, even $60 a year would help with campaign printing costs.

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