Tuesday, June 28, 2011

CLUCK NEWS: Paula Deen Joins Ranks of High-Profile Women Crazy About Chickens

It started with Martha Stewart, then came Susan Orlean, and Alice Walker. Now Food Network Star/Host Paula Deen is hooked on chickens and, like so many, was willing to flout local zoning laws to keep her pets, which were rescue chickens. Now when someone complained about other chickens in Deen's Savannah neighborhood, the Zoning folks took notice and Deen's hens are now threatened.

CLUCK July 4th UPDATE: According to a Mary Landers story in the Savannah Morning News, Deen and neighbors, Bill and Jan Lynes, have officially been cited and, if changes aren't made in the Zoning regs, they will have to give up their birds. The catchy quote from the story is: "They dodged the frying pan, but not the zoning man."

The Lynes promise to go to court and at least one county commissioner is willing to explore making changes in the unincorporated county zoning code. 

The counterintuitive irony in all this is that people can have chickens in Savannah -- it is the outside-of-town suburban areas where they are outlawed.

Read Huffington Post story here.

Read the Savannah Morning News story here

Watch a video of Paula with her pets here.

And don't be surprised if Tina Fey, Beyonce, Michelle Obama, or Lady Gaga turn up as new hen advocates.

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