Thursday, April 28, 2011

CLUCK's "Funky Chicken Facts" a hit! Over 1,000 pageviews

On January 14th 2011, Sarasota CLUCK posted a simple blog entry that contained our top twenty "funky chicken facts". What distinguished this list from many of the other chicken fact webpages was that rather than free-floating postulates that people had to "believe or not", these factoids came with live links to online sources. That enables people to dig deeper if they so choose.

Now 104 days later (April 28) we've recorded the one thousandth pageview for this posting, which has grown to 22 Funky Chicken Facts with several bonus facts (and one bogus fact) thrown in.

In other local CLUCK news, over 500 people have read our Annotated Sarasota Chicken Ordinance and nearly 300 have taken the Are You Ready for Backyard Chickens? QUIZ.  And we now have over 150 postings.

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