Wednesday, December 15, 2010

CLUCK Report: Forget Atlanta and Miami Chicken Comparisons

Opponents of backyard chickens have some favored locales they like to invoke when discrediting chickens. This CLUCK report shows why a couple of such comparisons are groundless.

ATLANTA  Rumors are Atlanta has big chicken problems. Well, for starters, Atlanta, with 541,000 people is ten times bigger than Sarasota, so any problem will be magnified by an order of magnitude.

But, and far more importantly, Atlanta allows 25 chickens, with no apparent restrictions against roosters. No wonder we hear about the situation down here -- that's four to six times as many chickens as we are discussing here in Sarasota with free wake-up calls provided.

MIAMI Similar story . . . 433,000 population -- more than 8 times larger than Sarasota and up to 15 chickens allowed.

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