Thursday, November 4, 2010

"Chickens 101" Workshop Saturday November 13th

Everyone knows not to count chickens before they hatch and there is no guarantee backyard hens will be legal in the City of Sarasota in the near future. But, by the same token, there is no point in being unprepared, so the local Sarasota County Extension Office is offering a three and a half hour "CHICKENS 101" Workshop on Saturday November 13th (8:30 - noon).
Rob Kluson will be the instructor and topics will include the basics (breeds, housing, feeding, health, chicken development) local laws and resources, benefits of chickens, getting started, and biosecurity. The cost is $15 and people need to register in advance online. The workshop will be held at Palmer Farms, 8336 Webber Road. For more information contact Barbara Lechky at 941-861-9812. This workshop will be limited to 20, so act soon if you intend to participate. Those who complete the workshop will receive a certificate documenting their participation.
If you want to meet other Sarasota chicken advocates, please consider our monthly CLUCK meeting, which will be held in the City of Sarasota Police Station at 7:00 pm on Friday Nov. 5th. For lots of up to date information about backyard hens in Sarasota sign up to follow the CLUCK blog with your Google, Yahoo or Twitter account.

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