Wednesday, October 3, 2012

CLUCK Campaign Next Steps by Jenny Marie Brannon

CLUCK meeting tonight was exciting!! Things are starting to happen. We watched the commission meeting where CLUCK spoke and the commissioners responded. They are reluctant because they just don't see the support. They want us to get neighborhoods to support us. Jono is going to respond to them that neighborhood associations can and will set their own rule regarding the issue. We need more community support to back us up. Show them that there are more people in favor, or even just indifferent, than there would be against. To do that, we need to get ourselves visible. We are hoping to get booths at the local farmers markets and community events. Also, The problem has been raised that the county covers so much area that evening meetings in Sarasota can be difficult for people to attend. There was support in the meeting to have rotating meetings throughout the county that may be more convenient. 

CLUCK NEEDS YOUR HELP! The time is NOW to make this happen. Soon we will be posting new meeting times and places and asking for specific assistance in manning tables at the farmers markets, making phone calls, and getting signatures. even if you have a busy household, we hope you can help from your phone or computer. Keep an eye on this page for updates and let us know if you have a specific talent, idea, business, or contact that you can share.

For those in Venice, Englewood, North Port and the surrounding area. I'm asking for your help specifically. Where is a good place to hold a south county meeting? Jennifer Miller Cortez and I discussed maybe at a restaurant with a large separate room so those of us with families can bring them and we can all eat. If anyone has involvement in the local high school's environmental or government clubs where the kids may want to use this platform as a project, are you able to tell us who to contact. Commission Thaxton is the commissioner for our district and he is supporting us. Lets show him that we are up to the challenge.

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