Saturday, September 22, 2012

Sarasota Herald Tribune Guest Column asks: Why Can't a Chicken Live in the Suburbs?

A recent Sarasota Herald Tribune guest column asked: Why Can't a Chicken Live in the Suburbs? The essay attempted to clarify an unusual situation characterized as a "chicken sandwich" in which chickens are allowed in the most rural and most urban areas of Sarasota County, but not in between in the suburbs.

The article urges citizens to contact their elected officials. For Sarasota County, they are currently the following:

You can contact the commissioner from your district (map below) but if you email, cc all the others.

Carolyn Mason

Joe Barbetta

Christine Robinson

Nora Patterson

Jon Thaxton

Mail to
1660 Ringling Blvd.
Sarasota, FL  34236

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