Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Tell the Governor: Just Say NO to Dyeing Baby Chicks

According to a story in the Orlando Sentinel, one dog groomer in Broward County convinced Ellen Bogdanoff (R. Ft Lauderdale) to introduce legislation that would allowing dyeing dogs for show. The result is a bill on the Governor's desk that would also allow dyeing of baby chicks and rabbits. 

UPDATE APRIL 6, ACCORDING TO A MIAMI NEWS BLOG, THE GOVERNOR HAD ALREADY SIGNED IT INTO LAW -- BUT that was WRONG. He has until Saturday the 7th to veto, otherwise it becomes law without his signature. 

CLUCK doesn't know how dyeing affects dogs, but dyeing chicks (a practice banned for 45 years in Florida) is a bad idea. The dyed chicks are cute and that is the source of the biggest problem -- their colorful garb seduces parents into buying animals they are probably not equipped to take care of. And the chicks are likely to be straight run, meaning about half will be roosters. Getting chickens is a serious commitment and one that should not be taken based on party plumage.
Image from The SUN (UK)
Click here to Email the Governor and ask him to veto this bill. 

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Also, these chicks often die. Whether that is from the dye itself, or over handling I don't know.