Monday, July 4, 2011


On July 28th, 2011, it will become legal to keep chickens in Milwaukee, the 28th largest city in the US. Most large cities in the U.S. allow chickens. The ordinance allowing them is provisional and will sunset in one year unless renewed. CLUCK is not prone to simply forwarding readers to another source, but for a concise article about backyard chickens, it is hard to beat Michael Timm's How to keep urban chickens happy, which appeared in the Bay View Compass.

Squozi the bantam cochin.
Photo by Jim Klousia for the BayView Compass
And, for the record, chickens are now allowed in our nation's twentififth through thirtieth largest cities:
Nashville TN, Denver CO, Louisville  KY, Milwaukee Wi, Portland OR, and Las Vegas NV.

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Kenny said...

I really like it when I see people in support for chickens. I know my town is trying to ban chickens but Im going to do everything I can to try to prevent this from happing.