Monday, June 20, 2011

CLUCK CITIES # 26 --: Denver votes to ease restrictions on chickens.

The 26th largest city in the nation just uped the urban farming ante Monday night  when the Denver City Council voted 7 to 3 to ease restrictions on backyard chickens (and ducks and goats).

Urban homesteaders in Denver celebrated last night as the City Council voted to ease restrictions on backyard poultry and livestock. Previously residents had to notify neighbors and secure a one-time $100 permit and pay $50 a year to keep chickens (more for goats).

All that has been swept away, replaced with a one-time $20 license that allows up to eight female chickens or ducks (no roosters or drakes) and as many as two dwarf goats without needing a permit or meeting any notification requirements.

Read the Denver Post story here.

Denver Post photo by Cyrus McCrimmon

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