Tuesday, April 19, 2011

CLUCK Blog sets new record: 20,000 pageviews

What was once just a local chicken blog has caught on and is being viewed by chicken lovers and the chicken curious across the nation and planet. We started tracking pageviews last June and have been surprised at the responses. Pageviews peaked in January, the high-profile month the local City ordinance passed (see figure). Then numbers dipped in February as expected. But they started to rebuild in March (exceeding December) and the numbers for April (which is only 2/3rds over) have already exceeded total pageviews for January.The reason? With more than 130 distinct posts, the blog is becoming a go-to resource for people outside of Sarasota. 

About 3,000 pageviews are from other countries, with the United Kingdom and Russia in the lead. 

And one blog posting, Sarasota CLUCKs Top 20 Funky Chicken Facts, accounts for 900 pageviews on its own. That entry profiles twenty intriguing facts about chickens and evidently has resonated with audiences far beyond Sarasota.

CLUCK recorded the 10,000th pageview on January 26 of this year, which means we've averaged nearly 150 pageviews a day since then.

Unfortunately, we are not able to track the number of pageviews for the pages such as our Annotated Ordinance and the unique Are You Ready For Backyard Chickens QUIZ.  

We do know that 121 pageviews have resulted from people finding their way to the blog from the City of Sarasota's website. 

And over 4,000 people have found blog entries via Sarasota Speaks: the Virtual Vortex of Sarasota Florida's Blogs and News. The Sarasota Speaks feed currently contains 25 CLUCK items.

And as reported in the previous blog, our Facebook Group is just five short of 600.

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