Tuesday, March 15, 2011

CLUCK: Still need a few volunteers for the county fair

Are you curious about the various breeds of chickens being raised locally? Do you have a couple of hours for some chicken-related public service? Would you like a free pass to get in the County Fair?  If so, please consider taking a shift at the small animal tent at the County Fair, which starts this Friday. This is a great chance to assess the moods of a variety of chickens, help staff a CLUCK information table, and examine in detail a working chicken tractor. You'll also have a chance to meet and talk with others interested in chickens.

While there still are some day slots available, you can be most helpful by taking an evening shift (8-10 p.m.) any day from Sunday the 20th through Thursday the 24th. These evening slots are crucial because the young animal handlers, who will be present most days, need to be home studying or sleeping on school nights.

Call Dr. Rob Kluson (941-232-3090) to see which slots still need to be filled. 

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