Tuesday, January 18, 2011

City Chicken Vote: Unanimous Approval!

Here are the basics. The City Commission passed CLUCK's alternative wording with two important exceptions: four chickens instead of six and a three year trial period.

Commissioner Atwell made the motion, which was seconded by Mayor Kirschner. Commissioner Clapp offered an amendment, which died for the lack of a second. Vice Mayor Atkins indicated he would vote for it and when the roll was called, it was unanimous.

PLEASE NOTE that Board action tonight did not instantaneously legalize backyard hens. That will have to wait until the second reading.

Also be aware that the City regulations will be the minimum compliance expected. CLUCK will work to draft a set of supplemental, voluntary guidelines that will improve conditions for neighbors, owners, and the chickens.

If possible, please convey your thanks to the City Commission and Planning Staff, who started out skeptics, but were open-minded and kept the measure alive and on track.

I'll close with one message from one of the hundreds of people that worked to make this happen over the last eighteen months:

Dear Commissioner Atkins,

I want to Thank You for your support tonight of CLUCK.
Your vote was a deciding factor in moving Sarasota closer to being a truly sustainable city of the future.

Your insight, that in the greater scope of things, this is not an issue that merits endless discussion and  has little impact on residents that don't wish to keep chickens.

Your humor is disarming and welcomed. 

Your patience, and that of your fellow Commissioners, is applauded for having survived the persistent efforts of CLUCK and those of us who believe the ability to contribute to our own food supply is the cornerstone of a resilient community.

Best wishes in your future endeavors and Thank You for your support.

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Mendel Potok said...

Alight! My fingers are crossed, I hope so much that I'll be able to keep my chickens. Sarasota is not Miami, we will make sure our chickens do not pose a problem. Way to go CLUCK!