Sunday, November 28, 2010

Sarasota CLUCK by the numbers

Eleven months ago CLUCK issued an end of year report. Here's an update on some of facts and figures that define CLUCK after our first year and a half:

3 • Number of online Sarasota CLUCK resources (BLOG • WEBPAGE • FACEBOOK GROUP)

4 • Minimum number of other FACEBOOK goups that independently chose CLUCK for their chicken advocacy acronym

12 • Number of local media articles and stories dealing with backyard chickens in Sarasota

50 • Number of CLUCK blog entries (up from 24 last year)

over 300 • Number of local supporters on our email list

555 • Number of members in our FACEBOOK Group. Up from 386 last December = 70% growth

2,228 • Number of times people have clicked on Sarasota CLUCK blog link on Sarasota Speaks

3,102 Number of page views on SarasotaCLUCK blog

72,717 • Number of registered users on Backyard Chickens website, Up from 46.000 a year ago

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